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Lunch Jiak Hamik? Zhen Ma Claypot, the taste like home.

Since Mother's day is this weekend, let's have something that tastes like home, Zhen Ma Claypot. Since my mom passed, I could no longer find the dishes like Kacangma that have the same taste. So I looked for kacangma, and tried numerous stalls until I encountered 2, one is at Tabuan Tranquility (which is quite far from home), and the second is this, Zhen Ma Claypot.

She started operating at The Best Corner, 101 11 years ago. And while the stall there is still available and is handled by her son, you can now also enjoy her cookings here at Heng Ki Kopitiam, Galacity.

Zhen Ma prepared all the foods on her own in the morning, and every single one of the dishes is made with fresh pork and meats. That is also why they are closed on Mondays due to the supply of fresh pork.

The stall got tons of choices, like a lot. Other than Kacangma (which by the way is only available on Sundays), there's also curry Chicken, Pork Leg, 3 Layer Pork, a huge variety of soups. Like they even got Asam Fish Soup.

If you're here, try asking if she got fresh pork available. Because if she does, then you will have the chance to try this special dish. This dish can only prepared if there's fresh pork available as she needs to cook this dish fresh on the spot. Otherwise, it is usually covered with a sticker to indicate that it's not available.

But you can however, call to make reservations.

For some people like us, we don't have the privilege you have. The privilege to enjoy home-cooked foods, foods that are common, yet when it's gone, cannot be replaced by all means. No amount of fancy dish can compete with it.

And while it is impossible to find the exact same taste, I'd say Zhen Ma was pretty close to what my tongue remembered.

Happy Mother's Day.


Location: Heng Ki Kopitiam (

Operating Hours: Zhen Ma 1100 - 1400 || Monday OFF

Booking No: 013-8008699

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