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【The Western Food OG】Alfresco

When I was still in Uni, Alfresco was one of those places that we as student love, and even after we graduated, Alfresco is still one of our favourite places to catch some delicious western food. The foods at Alfresco is without doubt, delicious and big portioned. Next is that after they had a little revamp on their menu and the interior, the place had a better vibe, and we could enjoy a better dining experience ever since.

Since the revamp, the menu was more pleasant to look at, but the same dilemma of not-knowing-which-to-order is still there la. But worry not, for we are here to introduce you some of the most popular dishes at Alfresco!!

For starters, a plate of light Caesar Salad coupled with a bowl of Wild Mushroom Soup sounds just about right. Plus, they now got promotion for their mushroom soup lo, RM2 nia if you order any dish from their menu. RM2 leh! How can we let this chance slip by LOL.

Now, the ONE thing that we all heard of, & loved deeply is their Chicken Chop. If there’s anything that can directly prove that Alfresco indeed serves delicious, big portioned food, this is ‘that’ dish – a massive piece of chicken chop, grilled to perfection.

If you’re a fan of cheese, then the Cheesy Chicken Chop is for you. Fried chicken with cheese is one thing, but this grilled chicken chop topped with Mozzarella cheese that is super rich and creamy? YES PLEASE!

Other than their chicken chop, their Lamb Chop is definitely in my Top 3 list. People usually complain about how the surface of the lamb chop is charred, but what you may not know is that there’s actually a layer of herbs coating the lamb, giving the lamb a heightened spice of flavours, and an extra layer of protection from being overcooked. That aside, they portion comes with 2 huge pieces of lamb chop. I mean… if this still don’t satisfy you then I don’t know what will.

In my opinion, Alfresco may just be one of the best dinner spot for families, big or small, due to the number of seating that they have. So, if you come with your kids, or if you’re a fan of fish, their Fish & Chips is definitely the one to go for.

But, if you’re looking for something bigger to share among your friend & families, then the massive Alfresco Family Sampler is the one for you. One go sekali-gus can enjoy their Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Giant Sausage, Mussels, and Slipper Lobsters? Confirm you happy, they happy, everyone happy~~

As one of the OGs in western food, the pasta at Alfresco is also one of them foods that lingers in your palate & your head. So much so that till this day, I still cannot remember just how creamy and rich is their Linguine Carbonara.

Speaking of creamy pasta, how about this Linguine Cream Concasses? Much like the carbonara, this pasta dish is also very creamy, but it’s the tomato-y kind of creamy. Making it the perfect pasta dish for your kids, & you! Well, don’t let the reddish appearance deceive it, this is definitely not spicy~~

Or if you’re more of an ‘Aglio’ person, their Linguine Aglio Olio with a hint of spiciness that spikes in your palate is also one to die for. If I were to describe the pasta in simplified words, it would be “simple yet satisfying”. Seriously, I kid you not.

The last dish on the list, or should I say snack, is the Chicken Pop. Within the many different seating areas at Alfresco, you could find 2 separate areas that goes well with beer and chill. There’s the karaoke section and the little bar section at the other end. And nothing sings a better harmony with beers than their crispy little devils.

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? Well, now you know!

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