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The Hidden Gem: IGtory Cafe

When was it last you dropped by the Stutong Community Market? For me, it was more than 3 years ago. The other night, I went to the market hoping to try out a certain western stall that operates at night, but it did not open for business. On my way to the car park, a well lit signboard caught my attention, IGtory Cafe. The signboard was so bright that I should've noticed the sign when I drove past the road. But nonetheless, it's located at the entrance to the market.

Surrounded by tall glass panels, the cafe, like it's name, does seem to be IG worthy. When I asked the owner "why IGtory"? He said he actually intended to name it IGstory, but he ended up with IGtory.

On the menu, you get to choose from a few western cuisine featuring main course, salads, soups, titbits, and coffee. The menu was actually quite straight forward, you get the usual main course like Grilled Chicken Chops, Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Rack, Fish & Chips, Pastas, the usual.

The differences between the Grilled Chicken Chop and the Grilled Creamy Chicken Chop is that while one is served with Black Pepper Sauce, the other is topped with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Both of the chicken chops are well marinated, and both of them are cooked to perfection, not too overdone, still tender and juicy.

I'm not really one who would actually ordered a Fish and Chips, but I was in a mood to try out something different, and boy I am glad I did. First of all, it is not made with dory fish, and the fish is deep fried to yet again, perfection. Crispy on the outside, and tender, soft, juicy, fish hiding beneath the crispy skin.

The next thing that caught our attention on the menu was the name of a few beverages, Cincai-Lah, Whatever, Anything, and I Don't Know, which are actually drinks made of soda combined with fresh fruit juices.

So we went for Cincai-Lah, Apple + Soda; Whatever, Watermelon + Soda; and Frutti Glow, Grapefruit + Chia Seeds + Soda.

The interesting thing about these drinks is not limited to only the name, but the taste as well. But if I were to sum them all up in a few words, it would be interesting, exciting, and refreshing. I know, why don't you give it a try the next time you're there? You won't be disappointed.

We did mention that they have coffee in the house, and I would usually assume that places with good food usually don't serve good coffee, and vice versa. But I was proven wrong. Creamy, smooth, and rich, this small cuppa might've just be one of my new cup of coffee in town.

Personally, I find this to be a place for a gathering, or just to catch up with your friends. The ambiance is very chill and relaxing to just sit around and chit chat, and it is actually quite suitable to just spend the day sitting and do your work or to meet your clients in the afternoon.

The only thing that will stop me from actually going there is the possible jam at the nearby roundabout that sometimes stretches all the way even to Le Parlour Cafe Studio. But, don let this discourage you (*note to self too), pick the right time la~ no problem one.


Operating Hours: 1100 to 0000 Daily

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