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The Foodie Hikes: Sikog Waterfall

Just to be clear, I am someone who pretty much sits in front of my PC all day long and I don't really exercise other than hiking once every week. I need to be clear on this so that when I say how difficult each trail is, you can pretty much gauge how difficult it is based on your own stamina. XD

Sikog Waterfall is located at Kampung Sikog inside Padawan. It'll only take about 15 minutes by car if you depart from Padawan town area. I'll attach the Google Map location here ( for you to check out.

Another thing to take note is that this being a Kampung trail, it is actually kinda confusing to get to the place. So my advice is that you install the Wikiloc App, search for the trail, and activate the free trial as you get here, or you can purchase the subscription. We managed to get to the waterfall after a few u-turns and finally decided to activate the free trial in the middle of the jungle lol.

As you follow Google Maps, you'll be directed to a narrow road inside the Kampung, but all you gotta do is to drive until the end and park some where at the last few houses as shown in the photo up here. To be honest, there isn't much space to park, especially when we don't want to make it a bother for the locals. So, maybe you could give them a bit of money after you left for the bother and for essentially taking care of your car while you're in the jungle.

After you park your car, the entrance to the trail will be on your left (also left of this space as shown in the photo). As you enter the trail, you will come across a small river that you'll need to pass through and as you continue forward, you will reach this intersection. Take the path on the right.

If you're an insect or mosquito magnet just like me, then you'll need to apply a thick layer of mosquito repellent if you plan to go over in the morning. I was practically a walking buffet for those mosquitoes. The mosquitoes only appear at the beginning of the trail and they only appear in the morning (There was none bothering us as we leave the trail at noon).

You would need to cross the same river again and again, but no worries, there were no leeches. The trail, to put simply is going in and out of the river until you reach the waterfall at the end. The river is not deep, and the water are super clear. At some parts, walking along the river seems like a good option, but the reason there's a trail that lead you away from the river is because some parts of the river is blocked. To be absolutely safe and to not get lost, watch where you're going and stick to the trail inside the Wikiloc App (#notsponsored).

To get to the waterfall is actually pretty simple. No climbing and crawling is involved, just muddy pits all over the trail. Since there's a huge number of muddy spots and the need to get into the river again and again, you probably should make the sacrifice to get your shoes dirty and wet. Haha

While you're almost there, you'll come across this drop. It looks dangerous, but there's a sturdy rock that you can step to get down. Another alternative is that you can back track a bit, get down to the river, and follow the direction back to the drop. Although, this is highly not recommended as you may miss the opening back to the original trail.

Soon after the drop and as you follow the trail, you will come to a cement path and you'll reach this creepy looking, abandoned toilet. You have no choice but to pass through it, but you might wanna keep your eyes looking forward. I took a peek and gosh it's creepy.

After that, you will come across this small waterfall by the end of the path, but keep your eyes sharp! For there is another trail on the right side, a small steps to go up to the real reward...

The actual Sikog Waterfall.

The rocks are super slippery, especially those that are submerged underwater for a long time. But there's sufficient space and pool of water that you can play around at. The area at the end, near the waterfall is rather deep. So you need to swim a little if you want to sit under the waterfall.

Overall, the trail is quite simple. There's only a 52 metre elevation, and it only takes less than one hour each trip. We took a while to get to the waterfall because we initially though the trail would be obvious, but when we get back to our cars from the waterfall, it took less than 40 minutes to get out from there.

It's a super simple trail that can be completed by beginners. But bear in mind that this is a Kampung trail that is not marked properly. But if you're looking for a simple trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end, this is a great one to start.

Look for the Sikog Waterfall trail by a fellow called Tan Keh Yen in the Wikiloc app, that's the one that we followed.


I've attached the Google Map below for your convenience! Have fun!

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