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The Foodie Hikes: Kampung Sibakar Waterfall

We went to Kampung Sibakar in the past weekend. We found this trail following an article by Bombastic Borneo that was written back in September, 2015. We then found the trail on the Wikiloc App I talked about in the previous article and we were prepared for a 1 hour plus hike as stated by the previous hiker.

We parked at the nearby Library which is now used as a children's clinic and started our adventure!

However, as soon as we asked the locals, we were told by the villagers that the waterfall is only 3 minutes away for him, and for us, probably 5 minutes max. And it turns out he's not lying lol. The waterfall is indeed 5 minutes away from the entrance because they are preparing a cemented path to the waterfall, and they're at the final stages too.

We were really surprised. A huge part of us being surprised is how underwhelming the trail is compared to the drive that we took to get there. Kampung Sibakar is further in after the Annah Rais Hot Spring, and immediately after that hot spring, the road becomes very narrow and windy. On top of a few parts that has crazy high elevation, we were behind a few large lorries that is fully loaded as they are paving some parts of the road there. One of the lorry we followed stuck halfway up the slope and it's engine died, and need to reverse back down without power. The horror of it still spends a chill down my spine. And yet, the hike (more like a walk) towards the waterfall is only 5 minutes.

Anyway, back to the waterfall. The waterfall forms a triple pool but the water is so quick the other day that we decided not to go down for a dip. If you've seen the article by Bombastic Borneo I mentioned above, you'll notice that the waterfall area now is very, very different compared to what it was back then.

We then heard from the locals building the cement path that there's another, much shallower pool and waterfall above. So after taking some photos, we went back up to search for the location the locals told us.

Locals building the path and installing hand rails

In the photo below, if you turn left and head down, you'll reach the Sibakar Waterfall, so you need to head straight and turn right on the first Y-junction, and follow along the path until you reach another junction. At this junction, take the path on the left.

Then not far from the left path you just took, you come across this "kebun". Continue straight.

Continue until you come across the last junction as shown in the photo below, and take the left path until you reach this rocky area. That's when you know you've reached.

It's not a pool nor a waterfall, more like a shallow stream with really really cold waters.

You may follow the stream to discover a not-so-pretty-waterfall on top. I mean, sure, the waterfall is not grand and the stream is not as deep that you can really play in it, but it's still a sight and an experience worthy of our time. Haha. And because the stream was shallow, I lied down on the rocks and I won't need to worry about drowning myself LOL.

The hike was quite easy. But myself being someone who doesn't exercise regularly easily get out of breath because of the altitude. Using my phone to check, the place where we parked our car, the kampung was already 258 metres (846.4 ft) above sea level. To put it in perspective, the summit of Bung Jagoi is about 360 metres (~1181 feet) above sea level. This altitude combined with steep climb at a few spots was exhausting for me.

After that, we went back and decided to follow the cement path to get back to the kampung, which leads us to a spacious space where it is more suitable to park your car. From here, you only need to take the path to the right to get to the waterfall and cement path I spoke of earlier.

So, to make it easy, I'll link the location of the Dewan (Hall) so that you know where to stop/park if you decide to head over to Sibakar Waterfall. We followed the location in Google Maps and it led us to a random house inside the kampung lol.


ETA: Depart from Padawan to Kampung Sibakar = 1 hour

ETA: Depart from Annah Rais Longhouse = 20 minutes

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