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【Ma Ngi + Milk Tea?】TeaPack

The number of milk tea shops here in Kuching is crazyyyyy. While most of them do not have much of a difference, there is still some that catches your attention as soon as you take the first sip. For example, TeaPack.

It was a cozy afternoon, the aircond was chilly, it was comfortable, then, out of a sudden I received a “punch” from my cup of beverage. Well, a bit exaggeration there but the creaminess of the milk tea here is seriously next level.

Before we move on to the drinks, let’s start with something that makes them different from the rest, the homemade and delicious Foochow pastry, Ma Ngi & Jun Nv Piang.

Unlike the more commonly found fluffy version of Ma Ngi, their version comes with a crazy crispy skin that you could not get enough of. And believe me that it is normal you won’t be able to stop yourself from craving for another one because the owner learnt the recipe from his uncle with almost 30 years of experience making Ma Ngi in Bintulu.

The other homemade Foochow pastry, the Jun Nv Piang (or you can just go for the easier pronunciation, Zhen Dong Bing in Mandarin) is what you would call a simple pastry, yet crazy delicious. It comes in 2 options, the original and one glazed with butter. My advice is that you need to go for both at the same time, the ori. to enjoy the purest form of the pastry with it’s mild yet aromatic flavour, and the butter glazed version for an extra hint of fragrance as it enters your palate.

Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

For their drinks, first on the list, as a Kuching lang, of course we introduce you the one with CHEESEEEE ma… First up! The Oreo Cheezo Tea. Specialty brewed milk tea topped with a layer of cheese and Oreo? Confirm satisfaction guaranteed ah I tell you.

Next in line, another amazing beverage topped with a layer of sinful cheeseeeeee… the Cheezo Dragonfruit. Sinful cheese doesn’t matter, got healthy part also ma, the Dragonfruit XD

If you want to have something that is packed with a heavy punch of fruity goodness, coupled with creaminess that would make you go crazy, you must go for their Mango Boom. The harmony between the fresh mango and the creaminess of the fresh milk is just perfect, plus you get an extra bit of ‘boom’ in your mouth from the yoghurt balls.

Next, let’s move to probably one (actually two) of the drinks here sitting on the top of my list, the Brulee Milk Tea and the Brulee Choco. Aside from the obvious difference you can see from the name, these 2 drinks are actually equally as amazing. However, be warned that these 2 are so satisfying and fulfilling that you will leave the cup empty and stuffed all the way until dinner.

And we all have that one friend that say he or she cannot drink milk tea because they’re trying to slim down, ya, we know how that feels. So, throw them this light, refreshing, and absolutely guilt-free Peach Ice Tea.

Some other drinks that are worthy of recommending includes their Red Bean Matcha and the Oreo Peppermint Ice Blended.

Their Matcha is not overly bitter, and when coupled with the red beans creates yet another sense of satisfaction drinking it. Almost as if it is the perfect drink for a cozy afternoon tea time.

If you’re afraid of cold, you should bear in mind that their Oreo Peppermint Ice Blended will chill you down right to your bones! And let’s not forget that the air-conditioning at this place is sibeh cold one. Which also makes it the best place to escape from the heat if the weather turns hot again la…

Overall, I would give this place a solid 9 out of 10. Not only that the drinks are delicious, they are not expensive compared to *cough* some other milk tea place *cough*. And, the environment and ambiance of the place is quite chill and perfect for catching up, or to just ‘blow water’ after a long day at work.

Don’t know where to ‘yam cha’ or hi-tea? Don’t think liaw, go TeaPack la!

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