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Seafood Platter: SM Mart & Cafe

A post in particular caught my attention a while back, a while as in few months back. It was a post about a seafood platter that costs only RM35. And needless to say, the photo of the platter was very attractive. And while some other pages started to share the same photo, I wanted to try on my own, to test it myself and see if it's really is as good.

Located after the Satok Bridge, this restaurant in particular stood out with it's bright interior lighting, you could really spot it easily, even though it is not facing the main road. I'll link the exact location at the end of this article.

The restaurant, as the name says, is half mart, half restaurant. I won't actually call it a cafe because come on, its not a "cafe". Cafe sells light food, but they got an array of dishes, main courses in fact. And, the mart part is not actually "half" of the place. But, that's not something I need to comment on.

Getting into the menu, they have Seafood, Western (Grilled meats/chops, and even pasta), and a lot of Asian Delights like the usual nasi goreng and mee goreng. But we knew what we came for, the Seafood Platter, only that now it costs RM38 instead of RM35.

There are 2 variations to the Seafood Platter, a set for 2 pax at RM38, and at set for 4 pax at RM75. You could choose between 4 sauces to go with your seafood platter, Masak Merah, Butter, Black Pepper, and Paprik. We asked for a recommendation and the waiter said "sos".. Not knowing actually what that means, we went for his suggestion. He was as blur as I was, if not more.

What came to our table was kinda different from the ones we see on their social media. The main reason being our plate is literally flooded with the sauce. Which is not a bad thing actually.

We found one Crab, 4 pieces of prawns, some bamboo clams, some squids, and lots of clams. The sauce is sweet and spicy, and goes well with the rice. The taste is not bad, but to be honest, some of the seafood that we had were not fresh. But we finished everything anyway. We were too hungry.

So, for RM38, you get a seafood platter that can feed 2 pax, with a jug of Cordial Drinks that can also feed 2 pax, and 2 plate of rice. The experience was good, the environment was also clean. What do you think? Would you give it a try?


Operating Hours: 0700 - 2330

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