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Juhh Makai Mlm Tok! Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak

I was first exposed to Dayak food 2 years ago when I was craving for some BBQ pork and my friend introduced me to the Rumah Asap Samarahan. Everything was so foreign to me, though I've been a Sarawakian for the past 20 over years. But needless to say, I fell in love as soon as I took the first bite back then.

However, just thinking of the amount of traffic jam that I have to go through to go all the way to Samarahan is more than enough for my stomach to recommend another place for dinner. And yes, I have heard of this Rumah Asap at Kpg Tabuan Dayak when they opened, but.. you know la.. my heart still at Samarahan. UNTIL.. last night.

It was my first time to Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak, although they've hit the viral charts over and over again. And the first thing I noticed? The smoke is all over the place, as though the name Rumah Asap wasn't literal enough. But I would say a little sacrifice is worth for the foods there.

Unlike the one at Samarahan, Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak has a wider variety of foods to choose from. While the one at Samarahan has the same food across every stalls, you would have difficulty choosing which stall to order from. Almost every stall have something different for you, in fact, they also have some stalls that sells non-dayak foods.

The first thing we ordered was, of course, their BBQ Pork, different parts of it in fact. Haha

We ordered their pork belly, pork ribs, intestines, and the pig head. While each one of them are delicious, the pork ribs surprised me the most. It looked really dry, and I honestly don't have any expectation of it being nice, until i took and bite just to realize just how tender and well marinated is the ribs. Tiny pieces of fractured bones was in the way for me to enjoy it properly, but damn the meat is juicy.

Next in line, Satays.

"That's not Dayak food", you might say. But... I sent two very hungry, like, very very very hungry lady to order whatever they felt like to. So ya... but it turns out the satays were amazing as well! You can choose from Pork Lean meat, Pork Belly, and Lamb satay! In my personal opinion, other than the Pork Belly satay, the Lamb is especially worth the try.

Remember when I said I had the two hungry lady order anything they wanted? They ordered seafood. LOL yes, they also do have seafood at Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak, what a surprise! The soup was actually a tomyam soup with Terung Asam. While I personally still prefer a pork based sup terung asam, the acidity of the fruit and the tomyam did managed to give the door to my appetite a huge and heavy kick.

Although they were found in a Rumah Asap, the seafood was actually quite fresh, especially the bamboo clams and the clams.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Midin! How could you have dayak foods without ordering our local fern? And beer? Just something to add to the overall satisfaction to the meal.

The environment was really awesome, there was a lot of seating, but I understood that at most times, the seats isnt even enough, people would stand to wait for a seat.


Operating Hours: 4 pm to 12 am Midnight Everyday


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