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Homemade Sourdough, Bagel, & More! Yums Bakery Cafe

The first time I tried their food was when they just opened, & back then Galacity was still a mystery box for most of us, with tons of options to explore. Back then, it feels more a bakery than a cafe with the whole bread selection in front as soon as you enter the door.

But now, it feels like a comfy cafe where you can enjoy some delicious brunch and afternoon tea after a facelift. So we decided to drop by for some brunch on a rainy weekend after getting up late.

We had their Berkshire Pork Panino made with sugar-free & fat-free ciabatta bread, and the Manzo Croccante Panino which is a similar dish, but with homemade beef patty. They both tastes absolutely delicious, and they are very fulfilling too. Like, if you don't have a big appetite, one of these will definitely make you full.

Next we had the Scream Cheese, which is a toasted Sourdough bread that comes with homemade cream cheese. The sourdough bread is also sugar-free and fat-free like the ciabattas, but toasted and paired with some cream cheese, which again, tastes absolutely delicious. Their cream cheese is crazy rich and delicious (you can buy them separately too), but even just the sourdough bread itself is delicious on its own.

At this point, you might've noticed why I've repeatedly mention homemade this homemade that. Well, that's because we found out later that everything in the bakery cafe is homemade. From the breads, bagels, sourdoughs, Swiss Roll, cream cheese, and even peanut butter! There's definitely more that I did not mention, but the thing that make it so special is that everything is made with ZERO preservatives, artificial enhancer, additives, or any other unhealthy chemical substances that you can think of.

Of course, we were shocked when we learnt of that because I'd admit that I've always thought healthy food are less... delicious. But they clearly proved me wrong.

Even something simple like The OG, a bagel with cream cheese, tastes delicious. How crazy is that? Also, as I’ve already mentioned that their bread is additives free, therefore you will not experience any digestive problems/stomach discomfort after consumption!

In short, if you're looking for some healthy options for your meals, check out Yums Bakery Cafe.

0939 - 1800 Daily 🏠 https://bit.ly/EPL-YumsBakeryCafe (𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐩𝐬)

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