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Hidden Gem: 'Generous' Dayak Food

"Katu", or generous in Lun Bawang tongue is the perfect name for this little cafe serving local dayak foods at Jalan Stutong Baru. While the 38 Food Street next door hogs all the glory serving some of the greatest array of good foods, this little cafe is standing strong with it's wonderful local cuisines.

It was the second time we went that we managed to took some pictures of the food. We of course, stumbled across the cafe by accident, and at that time we were looking to try something different for lunch. Something that is not economic fast food for a change. Needless to say I am surprised by the quality of the foods, which is why I went back for a second time.

They do offer economic fast food, but we decided to order a few dish to go with the rice.

First up is the BBQ Pork, which cost RM7 per 100 gram, and I kid you not. The BBQ pork is so juicy and so perfectly grilled that it is worth dying for. Coupled with the blend of chilli and soy sauce that comes with the dish will keep you from having one after another.

Next, we ordered 2 types of soup. 'Sup BBQ Pork' and 'Sup Ikan Tahai'. Pork, I mean.. given how juicy their BBQ pork was, could you really blame me for ordering another BBQ pork based dish? And.. the second soup is what they call the Smoked Ikan Tahai with Terung Asam. The acidity of the soup from the terung asam goes perfectly with the meal, especially the rice. It was gone before I even realized it.

One was sour and very appetizing, the other was refreshing and light. This is enough reason for us to order both and not felt guilty about it.

Sup BBQ Pork: RM15.90 (Small) || RM23.90 (Big)

Sup Ikan Tahai: RM9.90 (Small) || RM15.90 (Big)

And since we're at a dayak food restaurant, how could we possibly missed a plate of Midin?

The Midin was fresh and without the slightest hint of it being overcooked. The belacan that goes with the vege? Fuhhhhh! Pure awesomeness. It was the other reason why the rice was gone before we realized it.

Although, if there is one thing I would like to comment, I would really appreciate it if the taste of belacan is heavier.

The Midin costs RM9.90 for small, and RM15.90 for big.

The dishes that we ordered the second time around was all from the "Signature" section of the menu. And none of them let us down.

On our first trip, we tried the Pansuh Ayam and Perkasam Babi. Needless to say those were equally as amazing. But if you're not a fan of fermented foods, Perkasam Babi is something you would want off your dish. It's delicious, but it's not for everyone.

So, the next time you're itching for some local delicacies, remember this little hidden gem clouded by the glory of 38 Food Street at Jalan Sutong Baru.


Location: http://bit.ly/KatuCafeKch

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 20:00 || Sunday 08:00 - 16:30

Facebook: http://bit.ly/KatuCafeFB

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