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Lunch Jiak Hamik?? Golden Curry Rice la...

It was one freakishly hot afternoon but my cravings for a legit plate of curry rice kicked in, what to do? Eat nia la~~

Today, I would like to introduce you this curry rice stall located at Heng Ki Kopitiam at Gala City. I fell in love with the rich curry gravy that you simply could not resist, even though the Sun is blazing hot until it was like saying "I dare you, I DARE YOU." But little did he know, there is also one legendary ABC stall here at Heng Ki Kopitiam, the perfect cure for the temperature.

This curry stall, Golden Curry Rice serves 2 types of curries, Pork and Chicken, and they are both DELICIOUS.

Thick and fragrant gravy, coupled with perfectly cooked meats, both the pork and the chicken is not overcooked. And I was annoyed that the gravy is so delicious yet not enough to completely go with the rice, UNTIL, the taukenio said we can actually ask for extra gravy. Wooohoooooo!!!!

This is actually the branch stall of the one at N95 kopitiam opposite to Vivacity. And since the curry is prepared by the same person, confirm the quality at both sides spot on one. Haha

And next, the cure for the heat (both from the curry and the Sun)!

With 27 different types of shaved ice desserts on the menu, it's actually quite challenging, especially when your cravings is telling you to choose more than you can eat because of the heat LOL.

Probably due to the heat, the owner could not stop dishing out ABC after ABCs, Ice Kacang after Ice Kacangs. But as soon as I got the chance, I talked to the owner and found out that he is REALLY experienced in the field. In fact, he served shaved ice desserts for 7 years at a different location prior to this.

So, lunch jiak hamik? Golden Curry Rice + Long Hair Ais Kacang COMBO la...


Golden Curry Rice: 1000 - 1600

Long Hair Ais Kacang: 1100 - 1800 Daily

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