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Foochow Comfort Food! Penn's Pantry

I'm sure Foochow food is no stranger to you. There's literally Foochow food everywhere; Mee Sua, Kompia, or Patin, but here at Penn's Pantry, you can enjoy so so so much more than that. Penn's Pantry is equipped with your favourite traditional, comfort Foochow foods, but there's also a few that's infused with a twist.

First is the Penn's Foochow Chicken Soup with Mee Sua that is so good, you'll be 100% satisfied. I am a Foochow myself, but I almost never ordered Mee Sua whenever I'm outside because they just don't taste the same; They don't taste like home, but this? This Mee Sua here at Penn's Pantry is definitely one of the Mee Sua that you will fall in love with, and it is probably one of the biggest culprit that gets me craving for another bowl day in and out.

There's also this Foochow classic, the Penn's Foochow Angchao Pork Belly with Rice that's really more like a rice set that comes with 4 side dishes! Crazy, I know! But what's more crazier is the flavour of the Angchao that will definitely make you crave for more.

Not only that, the Angchao also appears in this Angchao Kompia that's infused with a little Teochew twist. Penny, the owner, was experimenting on the flavours when she decided to add a little Teochow pickled salted vege to add that refreshing twist to this traditional kompia. This twist to the kompia easily contributed to the reason their kompia is now another thing that I will definitely order when I go back to Penn's Pantry.

Last but not least, the Penn's Signature Drunken Chicken that's so delicious and rich in flavour that one sip of the broth will awaken all your senses. The rich broth coupled with a whole chicken thigh will leave you breathless from just how fulfilling it is.

There were four of us that went to try their food the other day, and interestingly, the four of us were of different dialect groups; there's me, a Foochow, then there's a Hakka, Hokkien, and a Cantonese, and we were all very surprised by just how good the food was and by just how much we all agree that we will definitely come back for more.

"You can bring the girl out of Sibu but you can’t bring the Foochow out of the girl", said Penny. And you can really tell from the food that she really want to share with you her Foochow heritage & the comfort food that she grew up with. If you're curious about the dishes, she'll also gladly tell you about it too!

According to Penny, even the decor and interior design of the restaurant is something that is 'plucked' from her parent's home. She made sure that the restaurant looks exactly like her home back in Sibu so that you can really feel like you're eating at the comfort of home.

The price of the food here is not expensive, and on top of that, the portion and the number of side dish that they give you makes it much more satisfying. There's a few foods on the menu that I'd love to give it a try, and I'll probably be in a conflict of trying out the same delicious foods that I've tried or to try out the other interesting items on the menu during my next visits. XD

So, is anyone else also drooling for some Foochow foods?

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