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First in Kuching! Terry's Beignet

To many, including myself, Beignet is something that I've never tried, nor heard of before to be honest. So, when my friends told me about this amazing stall serving this thing called "beignet" at Ok3 Kopitiam, Jalan Song, of course I had to check them out.

I did a little "research" before I departed for those little devils (if you call a little Googling as research, then ya, I did my research). Beignet is what you would call a french doughnut, it is a pastry that made it's way from France to Canada, and then to New Orleans. It was there at New Orleans that it caught the attention, and the affections of many who are looking for sweet treats.

Established in 1862, Cafe Du Monde started as a coffee stand in the New Orleans French Market, the rectangular, pillowy, light and puffy doughnuts is dubbed the official state doughnut of Louisiana.

It was also there at New Orleans that Terry (the owner of Terry's Beignet) fell in love with the pastry. So he started making it for his friends and families, and eventually opened up a store in Korea to serve beignet and burgers. Yep, you read that right, Korea. However, to tale care of his son, he had to move to Kuching 2 years back, and it was only not long ago that he started introducing Kuchingites with this wonderful treats, the beignet.

Traditionally, Beignets are covered with powdered sugar. There are even sayings that if you're wearing dark coloured shirts, "consume at your own risks". Because, trust me, one bite at it and you will forget about everything else, including your own image.

At Terry's Beignet, you can enjoy 3 other special flavours on top of the conventional powdered sugar: Choco, Nachomayo, & Honey. We did not try their Honey, but feel free to let us know just how good it is.

The original flavoured with the powdered sugar is definitely amazing. Puffy interiors coupled with perfectly deep fried exterior outer skin to give that contrast in texture, topped with sweet powered sugars to bring the excitement to another level? Priceless.

But if I were to seriously compare between the 3 that we've had. The original will definitely be the best, followed by Choco and then Nachomayo. Although we haven't give their Honey Beignet a try, I reckon it would position itself between the original and Choco.

Oh, I may have forgot to mention that all Beignets are handmade, fresh, on the spot. Amazing right? I KNOWWWW....

Well, what do you think? Why not give it a try?

TAKE NOTE that they will be operating until early May 2019 before they take a few months break to further improve the recipe and probably add more exciting flavours to the menu. So if you do not have the opportunity to travel to New Orleans, or if you haven't tried a beignet before? You better act quickly!


Operating Hour: Mon to Thur (8.45 am to 2 pm) || Sat & Sun (8.30 am to 1.30 pm) || Friday OFF

p/s: The couple are both Korean, but you may speak Mandarin to the Husband, and English to the wife. Or you'll be as confused as I am when I ordered my foods. XD

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