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Hot & Spicyyy: Erawan Thai Noodles

What do you think happens when a very picky eater who is also a huge fan of Thai food decided to open a Thai Noodle shop? The answer is simple, you get your minds and your taste buds blown away. Today, we have something hot, and fresh. So fresh that it's only the 3rd day of their operation by the time this is posted. It was the second day of their operation when we tasted their foods.

It all started when Felix, a super picky eater who loves Thai food more than anything decided to finally heed the love of his friends towards his Thai cuisines. Felix did not come equipped with a culinary background, but his picky tongue and his love for good foods allowed him to replicate and further improve his Thai dishes so much that his friends started telling him that the Tom Yum Goong he prepared is SOOO much more delicious and flavourful than the ones in Thailand. And I gotta say, although I cannot take spicy food very well, this humble noodle shop is something you would not want to be missed out on.

Located at the exterior of Emart Batu Kawa is this little Thai noodle shop with only a few things on the menu, a few but refined & polished noodles.

First on the table is, of course, the Tom Yum Goong, recommended to go with Noodles and Bihun. They provide you a choice of Noodles, Bihun, and Kueh Tiaw to go.

Even before taking the first bite, I know that it would be an exciting dish. Instead of the regular, and usually thicker bihun, the opt for the fine, thin bihun that created a smoother texture as you slurp the noodles in. The next thing that caught my attention is the generous amount of prawns and ingredients. I mean, although I cannot take spicy food very well, I am still a fan of Tom Yum Soup and Tom Yum Goong, but what usually happens is that every spoonful you scoop is usually onion slices, lemongrass, and then a small chunk of meat/prawn. But not Erawan's Tom Yum Goong.

With every slurp, the heat becomes more and more apparent, to the point that I was hissing and wiping sweats off my forehead, but I just couldn't stop. That's how good it is.

Next is the Thai Basil Beef, recommended to go with Kueh Tiaw.

Light but flavourful soup base, coupled with beef slices and beef meatballs that is thoroughly stewed, but remains so tender that it almost seemed impossible? Perfection. The soup itself is light, but every sip you take, your nose will be flooded with an aroma that bust open your appetite even more!

Other than these 2 noodles, they also have some Thai Fried Snacks should you crave for some snacks to go with your noodles, and some Thai Tidbits that the owner imported from Thailand.

At the moment, they have this crazy promotion where you can get Tom Yum Goong + Thai Iced Fruit Tea, or Thai Basil Beef + Thai Iced Milk Tea for only RM8.88. And since we could not be sure how long will this promotion last, you better be quick or you'll miss the train.

Erawan Thai Noodles is still VERY new. And without any experience in the culinary field, the owner is still constantly trying to improve and to cope with the crowd. This is why Erawan currently only have 2 noodles on the menu, and with a temporary Operating Hour as follows.

Operating Hour:

- 11am to 9pm (or until they are sold out)

- May have extended operating hours on Weekends

Location: Next to Lao Ban Beancurd ||


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