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Croissants for Brekkie?

As a proud Kuchingite, I'd say Kolo Mee and Laksa are the top foods for breakfast. But there's just time where I wish I could try something different for breakfast, and it is during this odd cravings that I would usually look for something that is not noodle based, something... western. And that's what led me to this small patisserie located at Jalan Song.

Well, it's not a new place. In fact, if I am not mistaken, it will be their second anniversary this June (scroll down for a bit and you'll see the post from June 2018 for their 1st Anni). Anywayyy... it's not a new place, and the fever is probably gone, but their pastries, especially their croissants, are to die for.

I first knew Manna because of their croissants, and since they've not made themselves present in the social media very often, I kinda forget about them. Until... I had this sudden craving for their croissants the other day. To my surprise, they have this Breakfast Set for 2 that costs RM34.90 only.

Yes... Only. Their breakfast set allows you to choose ANY 2 croissant set meals, ANY 2 pastries from their shelves, and ANY 2 drinks of your choice. And that, that is a one awesome deal.

You can pick any 2 from Chicken Ham, Beef Bacon, Pepperoni, Sausage, Tuna, or Egg Mayo Croissant.

We opt for Beef Bacon Croissant and the Pepperoni Croissant, and... they were simply amazing. Although it looked simple, it was actually quite a satisfying meal. The outer layer of croissant crumbles as you bite, and yet the inner layers are still soft. Then, the flavours from the beef bacon and pepperoni explodes as you chew. Pair that with coffee and there you have it. A great start to another amazing day ahead.

If you forgot about the 2 choice of pastries, don't. Because you can really, like for real choose any 2 pastries from their shelves. ANY TWO. It felt weird when we did that, but.. we paid for breakfast set, so of course we made our choices.

croissants on shelves
More croissants on their selves. They even have Matcha flavoured croissants.

Their breakfast set is available only from 8am to 10am. And they are closed on Sundays.

The patisserie and cafe is quite an comfortable place to not only enjoy your breakfast, but also to catch up with your friends and loved ones over a cup of coffee, and while you're at it, why not treat yourself to some freshly made pastries on their shelves?

It's really easy to forget and overlook this small cafe. Personally, I feel that the number of kopitiams (the kolo mee and laksa stalls nearby especially) and restaurants nearby flooding the same area might be the reason Manna is yet a favourite breakfast spot. As a foodie, that is sad. Because their stuffs are actually good. Every piece of pastries is made to ensure the best is being delivered to your palate.

But hey, if you need to satisfy your craving for some delicious pastries, drop by Manna. It's perfect for office or tea time snacks too.

They serve #NoPork #NoLard too. And that's amazing because more can enjoy their delicious pastries.

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat || 8am to 10pm


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