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Chubbs? American Street Food Anyone?

After making a massive wave during the last Kuching Fest, Chubbs. is back with the most American thing you could find, burgers. (Menu at the end of the article!)

If you still can't recall, they were selling Taiwan pancakes with a delicious twist. You'll definitely remember them after seeing the photos below (I could not recall until I saw the photos myself also oops). They were one of the Top 10 foods listed by My FM Kuching, how amazing is that?

Back to their burgers!

It was their first day operating last night, and at the moment, they are open only on the weekends (Fri, Sat, & Sun) from 7pm to 10pm, or until they are sold out. And... they only have 2 item on the menu. BUT, both of the burgers on the menu are amazing.

When I arrived, I was fascinated by how well trained is the cooks, mind you, at that time I still haven't recalled who they were even though I did tried out their foods back then. Only then to find out that they operated last year at the super hectic Kuching Fest, and the cook himself was based in Perth for 5 years as both short order and restaurant chef. "But why burgers?", I asked. And in his words, he replied:

Because I personally love burgers a lot you see. And i do love Ramly burgers and stuff but it is too main stream and the burger game in Kuching wasn't strong enough. So I came out with an idea to share what I like to eat to my fellow kuching mates.

And that? That was a real solid reason for me to keep supporting their burgers. I do love the passion and the commitment towards foods. And I love to share these feelings with all of you.

The team was small, the place was small with not enough seating, but the burgers? They were massively satisfying. The first burger they have on the menu is The OG. Heavy duty homemade beef patties packed with so much flavours and satisfaction it'll blow your mind.

Visually, the patty looks a bit dry, but take a bite and you'll know how it feels like being wrong.

Next on the menu is the Chicken Royale with chicken breast that is marinated for 24 freaking hours. When I saw the menu I was like "What?". Then when I took a bite and I was like "Whaaaaaaaatt....". There was no sign of the dry-ness you would usually get from a chicken breast meat. It was freaking tender.

Everything was great, the burgers are amazing, the location, was really near my house (Wahahahahhaha), but one thing I could kinda complain is their fries. It looked, and tasted like it was steamed instead of being deep fried. However, I do understand that it does take a while to properly deep fried a large amount of order, and especially when the fries are this thick.

A lot of people had their burgers for takeaways, since there wasn't enough seats. We had to go to the kopitiam nearby to shoot the burgers, where there was light! and tables. Speaking of kopitiam, they are located at the housing area behind Trinity Hub (I'll link the location and the photos below), so there's actually a lot of parking within walking distance. So you can be a considerate human being and not block people's home. I mean, the parking lots are just less than 30 seconds walk to the place. It won't hurt to walk a little before feasting on the delicious, juicy burgers am I right?

This is just a start for Chubbs. They will launch more items on the menu eventually, in fact, they already have a few coming up in the next couple of weeks and so. So, be sure to follow their Facebook Page (@chubbs.kuching) for the latest info.

As promised, here are the menu and the location linked below.


Operating Hours: 7pm to 10pm || Fri, Sat, & Sun


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