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Kuching Hidden Gem: Canard Eat & Roll

They first caught my attention about 2 years ago, at the mini food fair outside of CityOne Megamall's outdoor carpark. We ordered the food because we felt like having burger at that time, and only then I was told by the staff that they have a restaurant somewhere near the General Hospital. And here I am, for the first time in 2 years after gaining the knowledge of the location, visited their restaurant for the very first time.

I've always wanted to head over and remind my taste buds of how amazing is their burger. But, it's just a place that repels me to purposely drop by during dinner, because of the traffic jam and all. If you know where it is, you would agree. But... who knows, maybe you are willing to drop by the place for their delicious burgers.

Canard Eat & Roll is located opposite to the entrance of the Unimas City Campus. Or you can click on this link for the location:

They also have delivery services, allowing you to enjoy their burgers, hot, on your couch, or your office. But it's been a while since they posted about it, so I am not so sure if the delivery service is still available. (Delivery? Try Calling: 082-550 302)

I believe the place is serves Halal food, but I honestly can't be sure. What's I can be sure is that they do not serve pork on the menu. Mostly Beef.

The Nollie Wheel is a beast of a burger made of juicy Beef Patty, Chicken Ham slice, and Beef Bacon, topped with generous amount of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Pickle, and Mustard sauce. All of that, for only RM16.90. Or, you could top up another RM3 to make it a "Set" where you can have a cup of drink and fries to go with your meal, like this Makio Grind (RM13.90 ala carte) that we had.

For lighter, but equally as explosive flavours, their loaded fries (or as they called it in their menu, fries loaded? Literal translation I think?) is also one to die for.

We ordered to many different types of foods with beef in it. Both our burgers are beef, the next one we ordered is also beef. So.... we opt for their Grill Chicken Fries Loaded which costs only RM9.90. If a piece of burger is never enough to satisfy you, having this to go along will definitely put you on your chair, in a "food coma".

While everything so far is delicious and all, but they're all just kinda heavy. So we added a salad. Yes. A Salad.

HOWEVERRRRRR..... Their salad is also quite heavy. The amount of meats added are just too generous. Not just one or two slices on top of a bowl of lettuce. Take this Beef Bacon Salad (RM13.90) we ordered as an example, which you could also top up another RM3 to make it a set with drinks and fries.

I would give their foods a total rating of 8/10. But for the ambiance and the environment, I will give it only a 5/10. It's kinda oily and dark. I wish they would make the interior brighter to fit the mood, but! It is just my personal preference.

By the way, they do sell roller-skates and skateboards. Probably why they're called Canard, Eat and Roll.

They've made themselves well known by putting the extra effort, attending every possible food events, but unfortunately I don't think they've gotten enough people to try out their amazing burger, or you could've just give them a call to ask for their delivery.


Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm Everyday

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