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A Taste of Japan: Izakaya

I'll be honest with you, this is my first time visiting Izakaya in iCom Square even though it has opened for years now, and the TLDR verdict? It's ABSOLUTELY worth it.

I've always wondered why it is called Izakaya, & the owner shared that an 'izakaya' is actually a spot for friends or coworkers to meet up for a drinking party or to wind down after work. So he named this place Izakaya but serves not only sake, but also a huge array of Japanese cuisine; sashimi, agemono, nigirizushi, yakimono, nabemono, and even ramen; which will definitely satisfy you.

First up we have the Sushi Moriwase Sakura which blown our mind when it was served, especially when we saw the actual thing as it is being served on our table. But as surprised as we are, we were not ready for the next one.

This Sashimi Moriawase Grand sashimi set was so visually stunning that we were left speechless, and of course, taking pictures of it non-stop until the next dish was served. After we stopped taking photos, the owner enlightened us that the decorations and plating is different every time it is served. And make no mistake, not only that it is visually stunning, the thick slices of the sashimi just melts in your mouth, dropping dynamites after dynamites on your palate.

Next we have the Tsurai Salmon Mayo Teppan. Although there's already salmon sashimi and sushi in the previous platters, there's always a space for more salmon. And seeing one that is prepared differently in the menu, how can we resist?

The salmon was so crispy and is so perfectly matched with the mayo. Like, even though the salmon slices were bathing inside the mayo sauce, the skin of the salmon is still so crispy you can hear it as you take every bite.

Lastly, we have the Teriyaki Ramen Lunch Set. Yes, they do have lunch sets and bento sets that's not only affordable for all, but also delicious! Especially their ramen. The owner shared with us that after he graduated from culinary arts in Taiwan, the first restaurant he opened was a ramen shop. It was loved by the locals until he decided to pour every ounce of his attention into Izakaya, & it's really reflected in this bowl of ramen.

It really was an enjoyable dining experience at Izakaya, and afterwards I get to talk to the owners more. The passion that he has for food, and especially Japanese cuisine really fascinates me. And if you've been following Eat Play Love for a while now, then you'll know how I feel about people that are passionate about their food. I mean, if even you are not excited for the food you prepare, who will?

Now, whenever someone asks me to recommend a Japanese restaurant, Izakaya will sit pretty firmly at the top of my list. Why? Well, not only that the food is made with passion and love, Izakaya is also the perfect place for any gathering and events, big or small.

They have several private VIP rooms that is available for booking be it for your family or corporate lunch or dinners, and even birthdays. If you need a bigger space, do keep in mind the restaurant can fit up to 200+ people.

But, if you want to hold any events at home or at your office, they too provide catering services.

And lastly, of course, we understand that the battle with the pandemic is not over and you may want to be in the comfort of your home, & in that case, they are also available on multiple food delivery platforms too!

1130 - 2100 Daily

🏠 (𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐩𝐬)

☎️ +60 11-5622 2856

☎️ +60 82-266 855


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