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Kuching Hidden Gem: Canard Eat & Roll

They first caught my attention about 2 years ago, at the mini food fair outside of CityOne Megamall's outdoor carpark. We ordered the food because we felt like having burger at that time, and only then I was told by the staff that they have a restaurant somewhere near the General Hospital. And here I am, for the first time in 2 years after gaining the knowledge of the location, visited their restaurant for the very first time. I've always wanted to head over and remind my tas

Chubbs? American Street Food Anyone?

After making a massive wave during the last Kuching Fest, Chubbs. is back with the most American thing you could find, burgers. (Menu at the end of the article!) If you still can't recall, they were selling Taiwan pancakes with a delicious twist. You'll definitely remember them after seeing the photos below (I could not recall until I saw the photos myself also oops). They were one of the Top 10 foods listed by My FM Kuching, how amazing is that? Back to their burgers! It was

Kuching Hidden Gem: Porc by Fos.bros

For Malaysians, it is no surprise for us to find delicious burger at roadsides or the kaki-lima of some of the most hidden corners in our neighbourhood. And this is especially true for us Kuchignites. We’ve heard of the legendary burger stalls hidden inside housing areas, or the mouth watering Ramly burgers along the roadside somewhere, but what we have today, is a humble burger stall with delicious, juicy, 100 gram homemade pork patty. Hidden within Tabuan Laru is this amazi