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Lan Zhou La Mian: IWAN Lamian

Lan Zhou La Mian (pulled noodle) is the staple, comfort food that originated from the Hui Muslims of Lan Zhou City in China's Gangsu province. It is loved by the locals and it can literally be found anywhere and everywhere all across the city. And now, you can enjoy this delicious noodle here in Kuching! Being the first Lan Zhou La Mian restaurant in Kuching, IWAN Lamian is also a strictly no pork no lard restaurant. As a matter of fact, I was told that they're already applyi

The Hidden Gem: IGtory Cafe

When was it last you dropped by the Stutong Community Market? For me, it was more than 3 years ago. The other night, I went to the market hoping to try out a certain western stall that operates at night, but it did not open for business. On my way to the car park, a well lit signboard caught my attention, IGtory Cafe. The signboard was so bright that I should've noticed the sign when I drove past the road. But nonetheless, it's located at the entrance to the market. Surrounde