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Homemade Sourdough, Bagel, & More! Yums Bakery Cafe

The first time I tried their food was when they just opened, & back then Galacity was still a mystery box for most of us, with tons of options to explore. Back then, it feels more a bakery than a cafe with the whole bread selection in front as soon as you enter the door. But now, it feels like a comfy cafe where you can enjoy some delicious brunch and afternoon tea after a facelift. So we decided to drop by for some brunch on a rainy weekend after getting up late. We had thei

A Taste of Japan: Izakaya

I'll be honest with you, this is my first time visiting Izakaya in iCom Square even though it has opened for years now, and the TLDR verdict? It's ABSOLUTELY worth it. I've always wondered why it is called Izakaya, & the owner shared that an 'izakaya' is actually a spot for friends or coworkers to meet up for a drinking party or to wind down after work. So he named this place Izakaya but serves not only sake, but also a huge array of Japanese cuisine; sashimi, agemono, nigiri

Lan Zhou La Mian: IWAN Lamian

Lan Zhou La Mian (pulled noodle) is the staple, comfort food that originated from the Hui Muslims of Lan Zhou City in China's Gangsu province. It is loved by the locals and it can literally be found anywhere and everywhere all across the city. And now, you can enjoy this delicious noodle here in Kuching! Being the first Lan Zhou La Mian restaurant in Kuching, IWAN Lamian is also a strictly no pork no lard restaurant. As a matter of fact, I was told that they're already applyi

Foochow Comfort Food! Penn's Pantry

I'm sure Foochow food is no stranger to you. There's literally Foochow food everywhere; Mee Sua, Kompia, or Patin, but here at Penn's Pantry

Hot & Spicyyy: Erawan Thai Noodles

What do you think happens when a very picky eater who is also a huge fan of Thai food decided to open a Thai Noodle shop? The answer is simple, you get your minds and your taste buds blown away. Today, we have something hot, and fresh. So fresh that it's only the 3rd day of their operation by the time this is posted. It was the second day of their operation when we tasted their foods. It all started when Felix, a super picky eater who loves Thai food more than anything decide