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Homemade Sourdough, Bagel, & More! Yums Bakery Cafe

The first time I tried their food was when they just opened, & back then Galacity was still a mystery box for most of us, with tons of options to explore. Back then, it feels more a bakery than a cafe with the whole bread selection in front as soon as you enter the door. But now, it feels like a comfy cafe where you can enjoy some delicious brunch and afternoon tea after a facelift. So we decided to drop by for some brunch on a rainy weekend after getting up late. We had thei

Croissants for Brekkie?

As a proud Kuchingite, I'd say Kolo Mee and Laksa are the top foods for breakfast. But there's just time where I wish I could try something different for breakfast, and it is during this odd cravings that I would usually look for something that is not noodle based, something... western. And that's what led me to this small patisserie located at Jalan Song. Well, it's not a new place. In fact, if I am not mistaken, it will be their second anniversary this June (scroll down for