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Eat, Play, Love is started to bring you the hottest, most delicious, and exciting info in our little adventure. Join us as we continue to venture into this path and continue to discover more local delicacies, trending, and the hidden gems in our beautiful city of Kuching!

Foochow Comfort Food! Penn's Pantry

I'm sure Foochow food is no stranger to you. There's literally Foochow food everywhere; Mee Sua, Kompia, or Patin, but here at Penn's Pantry

【The Western Food OG】Alfresco

When I was still in Uni, Alfresco was one of those places that we as student love, and even after we graduated, Alfresco is still one of...

The Hidden Gem: IGtory Cafe

When was it last you dropped by the Stutong Community Market? For me, it was more than 3 years ago. The other night, I went to the market...

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