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The journey began 2 years ago, where all I wanted was to bring out the delicious foods in Kuching - the well known, the hidden gems, and the trending, to more people. Along the process, my work gained momentum from the local community, and most importantly, it showed me just how beautiful is the people in Kuching. Every ounce of gratitude and "Thank You" interpreted from different words, sentences, or languages from the vendors fueled my passion to continue. 

After a year venturing down that path, everything came to a stop. Due to conflict of the intention for the project, I quit the company. 

NOW, Eat Play Love is re-initiated to continue my purest intention to connect with "Kuching", and eventually, all of Malaysia. 

Eat Play Love will be a platform to promote not only food, but also interesting places and events, the Happenings in my beloved hometown, Kuching. Join me in my adventure, and let's show this city to the world.

Eat Play Love is powered by ECAL Digital Marketing Solutions, with one simple and pure intention: To present the fun, the joy, and the delicious aspects of this beautiful city we call home.

Join us in our ADVENTURE.

Alan Lee

Photographer, Copywriter


Food always revolves around my life. I was working in F&B industry as young as 11 years old. Even after i graduated with Bachelor in Cognitive Science, I ended up working for a Food App company based in Kuching as their content writer and photographer. After I left the company, I joined and work for numerous F&B business as their digital marketer and content creator.

Now, I'm here to bring you along on my whole new adventure to explore Kuching, and eventually.. whole Malaysia.

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